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Welcome to Kavallerie Shepherds where quality not quantity is our main focus! Hobby Working German Shepherd Dog Breeders!

Although our dogs are working dogs they are also our pets and kept as such! We are not a breeding "kennel" and do not have puppies readily available for purchase by the public at all times! This is very important to us that breeding remains a hobby and NOT a breeding business. The German Shepherd was never meant to be solely a "Sport Dog" but can do sport, a German Shepherd is/was supposed to be a "Jack of all Trades", a dog that can do it all. Not a one purpose breed. If we were asked to describe our dogs I would describe them as versatile farm dogs, personal protection dogs & traveling companions. 

German Shepherd Studs

Halk vom Grafental PenHIPP 90th % & OFA Normal Elbows, DM Clear - East German Import, 100% East German (DDR) Blood Lines

Kavallerie German Shepherd Females

Black Sable DDR German Shepherd Female

Our Goal

Selection and breeding of the finest quality German Shepherds that posses strong nerves, hardness, courage, versatility, clear head and environmental soundness to produce a line of German Shepherds specific to Kavallerie Shepherds in which are ready and willing to work for their handler, extremely intelligent, naturally protective, environmentally sound with balanced drives capable of working in a multitude of fields. Color is of no impotence and can't be.

In our endeavor to create our own line of Shepherds we need to make tough but honest decisions along the way of which dogs to keep in our program and ones we must let go. Others we have to let go for retirement so we can continue our endeavor while keeping the best interest of our dogs in mind.

This way, we don’t become a “dog collector” and the dogs we do have at our home can live fruitful lives as pets while making a small but meaningful impact on the German Shepherd Breed in America.

We must NEVER forget; “Never settle for lesser quality, never make decisions based on your feelings, right decisions aren't always easy decisions.”

All of our German Shepherd Females posses alert expressions, with beautiful noble heads and correct ear set, excellent working structure which enables them to be extremely agile, they can run fast and jump high! They have a strong desire to work and their loyalty & dedication to their family is unwavering. Their nerves are solid and temperament strong, this allows them to be in situations such as pet stores, local department stores and on city streets with strangers amongst us. They're also excellent guests in relative's homes & hotels while traveling without being a nuisance. They also have no environmental issues and can play and work under gunfire, thunder, rain as well as climb ladders, scale walls and jump atop any surface asked to!
To learn more about our girls click on their individual picture or use the navigation bar at the top of the page.

Black Sable DDR German Shepherd Female


Please remember Adoption is always an option!

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