Although this page has absolutely nothing to do with dogs, it does have to do with us! PKD is part of our family and our everyday lives and we want to raise awareness about this disease!

More than 600,000 Americans and 12.5 million newborns, children and adults worldwide battle Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) every day. PKD is one of the most common life-threatening genetic diseases,  affecting more people than Down syndrome, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, hemophilia, and sickle cell anemia – combined. There is no treatment for PKD. And no cure. Until one is found, PKD will threaten the lives of every generation of every family living with the disease. PKD equally affects men, women and children – regardless of age, race, geography or ethnic origin. It does not skip a generation.

Visit the Polycystic Kidney Disease Foundation to learn more or to donate now.



Below you can see my kidney's on the left compared to a person with normal kidneys. As you can see the kidneys are taking over the abdominal cavity and pushing against other organs.


Each Polycystic Kidney can weigh up to 30lbs each and be the size of a football or larger! Below you can see the comparisons between a football and kidney and a normal kidney.

My typical day is so far from conventional so please understand the dogs always come first, then the puppies my health and our clients. A "normal" day here starts at around 2am, why? I'm in too much pain to sleep a full night. So I get up care for the dogs, take my medicine and by the time it's light outside & my meds are working I do my chores outside (some days I can't and that waits for Kelly when he gets home from work). When done I go back to sleep for a few hours since I can't sleep a full night. I then get up and start over with pain, take my meds, once working I do something individually with each dog, followed by a group activity when we don't have litters. When we have litters the dogs only have one on one play and training. Mind you most are in the house with me so they're not caged and lonely and if they're kenneled they have raw bones which keep them quite happy!

The rest of my time is consumed through rearing puppies, taking pictures and working on the internet when I can.

When Kelly's home from work he has to lug the firewood in the house (our only heat source) since I haven't been able to do that lately. Followed by poop duty, followed by cleaning horses stalls & caring for them. (as of lately I can't use a shovel since it makes me bleed, same with carrying firewood) Then after that's done he has his dog to raise and train.

Pups are handled constantly throughout the day and when at the appropriate age begin to be exposed to all sorts of stuff inside and out with their mom. Gunfire, ruble, ramps, different footing, water (weather permitting), woods & storms if the opportunity presents itself.
I do not want sympathy, only understanding of why my time is very limited and I do my very best to manage my priorities.

So if your email isn't responded to in a timely manner please do send me another quick note! For our clients we have a facebook group that is quite active and nobody is left out!