Medical Sheepskin in Long Wool Fur Sheepskin Rug

Approximately 42" - 44" If you want plush, silky and soft, this rug is for you!

Medical sheepskin Rug is tanned in a special way that makes these hides able to withstand frequent daily washing if necessary. There's tons of information on the market as well as scientific studies and the benefit of sheepskin for the sick, elderly, bedridden as well as babies! In my opinion nothing compares to these long fur medical sheepskin when compared to its' shorn sheepskin counterparts!

We present to you a stunning, extremely soft, thick and dense Medical tanned Sheepskin. 100% real sheepskin tanned by a small tannery in Europe and imported into the USA by us!

Use on the floor, bed, couch, chair, fireplace mat, yoga mate, dog's bed, cat bed and so much more! Use is only limited by your imagination!

Genuine Sheepskin hides provides excellent support and heavenly comfort! Not only does it provide luxury comfort for you but it's also beautiful to look at, easy to clean, repels water, dirt, dust, naturally flame resistant, anti-static, repels even dog hair, dirt, dust and aids in regulation of body temperature whether hot or cold, prevents uncomfortable pressure points in sore and achy joints and it even improves circulation (for humans and pets)!!! You'd be hard pressed to find synthetic material that offers all this in today's market and is also biodegradable and friendly to the environment around us! Keep it simple, keep it natural and get yourself the amazing luxury, support and warmth of a sheepskin rug!

Each hide is unique and all natural and I describe each piece as perfectly imperfect since it was designed by nature not man-made!

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43" Medical Sheepskin Long Wool Fur Sheepskin

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