Group and bulk purchases

Whether you're looking for a sheepskin rug to use as a Meditation mat, Yoga mat, in conjunction with Sound Therapy or you just want to to purchase several sheepskin shearling rugs for your home, cabin or as gifts for family we offer bulk discounts when you purchase 3 sheepskin hides or more!

Many folks use sheepskins for the following purposes but use is only limited by your own imagination

Sheepskin Chair pads whether at your computer, dining room or sitting room it will be a hit for all, including your pets!
Sheepskin rugs have been extensively used as an item for Interior decor
Babies nurseries as well as strollers and play mats
Snow white sheepskin makes a remarkable statement as a Christmas tree skirt that will surely incite conversation!
Sheepskin as a bath mat so when you step out of the shower your toes slip into heavily soft bliss
Sheepskin as a back drop in photography shoots
Sheepskin will immediately make any room in the house more inviting whether in front of the fire place, runner in a hallway or space carpet at your bedside
Sheepskin as a bed mat to insulate you from the cold and help with sensitive pressure points while sleeping.
Sheepskin saddle pad and sheepskin saddle seat pad