Kavallerie Shepherds Puppies

***Notice*** We are not a breeding business, this is our hobby and our home, we do not have "facilities" and we do not have puppies available at all times. Our breedings we choose to do are planned well ahead of time with goals in mind and most always we keep pup(s) to improve our next generation. If you're looking for a pup to purchase spontaneously do not contact us. we're not the breeder for you. We seek dedicated individuals in which dogs are a lifestyle and not just a dog or a pet.

 Planned 2017 Litters

Asia X Elvis Estimated April

Lucy X TBD August/September

Liberty X TBD August/September



Please check back periodically, pups that may come available will be posted here



  Our Dogs working on Impulse Control



Puppy exposure & confidence building prior to going home



wire mesh a-frame

6' X 3' see-through glass catwalk

carpeted a-frame

puppy zip-line

German Shepherd Puppy training

exposure to gunfire

Pup testing first piece built


Progeny, Pictures Speak More Than Words!

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