Should I Adopt / Rescue a German Shepherd or buy a German Shepherd Adult / Puppy from a Breeder

Yes, I'm sure you think it's a little weird that a breeder would post this on their website! Although we are breeders we feel you should consider all your options and some folks don't even realize German Shepherd Rescues exist! So we created this page to make people aware of German Shepherd Rescues and to think about their options prior to purchasing a German Shepherd Puppy.

If you're looking for a companion with no real specific use in mind a rescue may be a great option for you! Yes rescue dogs can be as talented as their well bred counterparts and most rescues will work with you based on your needs.
If you're looking for a German Shepherd for a very specific use such as SAR, Police K9, Security or serious personal protection work you may want to consider buying a German Shepherd puppy so they're imprinted for their chosen line of work at a young age. Of course buying just any German Shepherd Puppy wont work. It's best to find a German Shepherd Breeder that has already produced what you want or the parents of the potential pup are very close to what you want. Even with this nothing in life is guaranteed but your odds of getting what you need/want are increased greatly when certain traits are being preserved through selective breeding.

Another option if you have an immediate need, is to buy an adult German Shepherd. There are some great advantages with this. You can see what the dog is as a grown up already, you will immediately know if it's suitable, you will know it's overall health as well as orthopedic status. This is a great advantage for many who do not want to gamble with the purchase of a puppy. Remember just because you buy a German Shepherd Puppy for a specific use does not mean it will be suitable. Suitability will depend on genetics and also imprinting, raising, socializing and training your German Shepherd Puppy. Remember athletes aren't born they are made and they are made just like anything else, through hard work.

Adopting a Adult German Shepherd also has the same advantages as buying an Adult German Shepherd. You can immediately see the mental state of the dog, it's strengths, weaknesses and state of health. Granted if you purchase a trained adult German Shepherd it should be imprinted, socialized & trained in the desired field in which you're purchasing a German Shepherd for.  Once again if you have no real specific need for a German Shepherd with specialized training a German Shepherd from a rescue may be a great option for you!

Nothing is this world is perfect adult, rescue or puppy.

If you're going to buy a German Shepherd Puppy from a breeder make sure the German Shepherd breeder you choose will take back your German Shepherd dog or puppy at anytime in it's life if it's ever at risk of being "homeless" or at least assist in placement of your German Shepherd dog or puppy so it does not end up in a shelter. This in no way means refund your purchase price, this is to help the dog in an unfortunate circumstance. Most breeders do not ever refund the purchase price unless extreme circumstances on a case by case basis.


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